New Case Study Spotlights “Zumba Fitness” on Oregon Animation Blog

One of the cool things about the animation/VFX industry is that it’s continually evolving beyond the established parameters. The artistry of a well generated scene or special effects sequence is now no longer confined to a piece of film, but has also begun to take on an interactive element as video games move closer to the cinematic boundary.

Pipeworks Software, based out of Eugene, is at the heart of this constantly shifting field. Ever turned on an Xbox or Xbox 360? Continue reading... “New Case Study Spotlights “Zumba Fitness” on Oregon Animation Blog”

Pipeworks Announces Four New Releases

The Eugene based video game production company Pipeworks announced four new video games surrounding the E3 Expo in June.  Three of the four games are based on television shows that already bring an  avid audience to the game.  The video game industry is one entertainment based industry that often operates under the radar in Oregon but Eugene has been a hub of several top notch video game producers.  Pipeworks is definitely one of the companies leading the charge. Continue reading... “Pipeworks Announces Four New Releases”