Pipeworks Announces Four New Releases

The Eugene based video game production company Pipeworks announced four new video games surrounding the E3 Expo in June.  Three of the four games are based on television shows that already bring an  avid audience to the game.  The video game industry is one entertainment based industry that often operates under the radar in Oregon but Eugene has been a hub of several top notch video game producers.  Pipeworks is definitely one of the companies leading the charge.

Due for release on XBLA on July 14 and PSn on July 26 “Deadliest Warrior” is based on the popular Spike TV series with the same name.  Since the game was previewed at E3, there  has been significant buzz out there regarding the game.  If the game lives up to the early buzz it has been getting, along with the popularity of the TV show the game may be a breakthrough hit..

In the Fall, THQ and Sony will be releasing the Pipeworks produced games “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy” for the Wii and Nintendo DS.  Both games will be using the voices of the popular game show hosts as well as new technology made available through the Wii.

Finally this coming holiday season, Majesco’s fitness game Zumba will be hitting the shelves.  Based on the popular Latin-based dance fitness workout, the game will be available on the PS3 and Wii.  The game is one of 15 titles being released in connection with Kinect ( XBox’s new motion recognition system).  Local production company Funnelbox, based in Oregon City, provided the video production work for the title.

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