Local Music Video Selected as Feature of Week on WKE


Local Director Matt Jay’s recent music video for Jennie Wayne is currently featured as WKE feature of the week.   The video “My Own Home” is a beautifully photographed one-shot music video that magnifies the artifacts and textures that make a space your home.  Local director/cinematographer Johnny Le shot the video .

I spoke to both Matt and Johnny today to get more info on how the video came about.  Matt has managed to make his way around the local music scene directing videos for a few other artists as well as directing a few short films.  Matt has also had the opportunity to learn from two talented directors recently when he was on staff for two  Oregon based films that shot here in 2009- “Meeks Cutoff” directed by Kelly Reichardt and “Restless” directed by Gus Van Zant.  After reaching out to Jennie and approaching her with the idea of the video, Jennie signed on.

I caught Johnny Le on the phone as he was on his way to Shanghai for the month.  A 2009 graduate of Portland’s Art Institute – Johnny shot the video on the Cannon 5D Mark II with existing exterior and interior light.  This Cannon camera along with the newer model the 7D is really taking prosumer digital photography to the next level.  Recently I’ve heard of several broadcast and cable shows using the cameras to great success.  Here’s a piece on how “House” shot the whole series finale with the 5D  The small size of the camera allowed Johnny to easily handle the one shot of the video and still get a great image.

Word is next week Johnny may have the next featured video on the WKE site but you’ll need to wait and check it out after Tuesday!

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