“Making Movies” Exhibit Finds Permanent Home

OMPA member Frank DiMarco has donated his well-traveled “Making Movies” exhibit to Film Action Oregon. http://www.filmactionoregon.org/ The collection of framed black and white images depict recent filmmaking in Oregon, with emphasis on the individual crafts that go into making a production. Film Action Oregon Artistic Director Richard Beer says, “We are honored that Frank decided to donate this lovely collection to Film Action Oregon. It is a wonderful testament to the talent that lives and works in Oregon.” “Making Movies” has been exhibited in Portland’s City Hall, The Art Institute of Portland, Portland Community Media and several restaurants in Portland. Continue reading... ““Making Movies” Exhibit Finds Permanent Home”

DP Thomas Del Ruth's latest

Oregon resident, Thomas Del Ruth, gets a shout out for his wonderful work on Rob Reiner’s latest film.  View Mr. Del Ruth’s extensive filmography at: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0215878/

‘Flipped’ and charmed

August 06, 2010|By Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times Film Critic
As he proved so winningly in “Stand by Me,” Rob Reiner is a filmmaker who has a way of telling stories about kids, suffusing them with ambivalence and insecurity about their still-evolving selves that feels both heartfelt and authentic.
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DSLR Workshop with NW Documentary

Heard about the new DSLR cameras? Know how to use them for video projects? Learn to shoot with DSLR cameras and explore this format. You’ll pick an iconic place in Portland and use a DSLR camera to piece together compelling shots, timelapse, and other visual effects to create a short edited piece. Intermediate to advanced FCP skills required.

Visit the NW Documentary education page to sign up! Continue reading... “DSLR Workshop with NW Documentary”

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art Debuts Polaroid Portraits by Andy Warhol and Gus Van Sant

The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art opens its new exhibition “One Step Big Shot: Portraits by Andy Warhol and Gus Van Sant” on May 16, 2010. The exhibition will be on display through Sept. 5, 2010.

The public is invited to a free opening reception on Saturday, May 15th, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. featuring music by the Portland band The Hugs. Continue reading... “Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art Debuts Polaroid Portraits by Andy Warhol and Gus Van Sant”



Whether it’s dropping a camera off a 100 story building in New York City for “Spider-Man” or flying a camera over a waterfall in Mexico for “Apocalypto”, Spydercam is in the business of moving cameras.

Their innovative camera system utilizes winches, weights, cables, and computer software to move their cameras in ways that are fast, safe and extremely accurate.  With a camera system that can travel over any distance at up to 60 miles per hour, and move in any direction, they truly are the premiere suspended camera company in the industry today.  Continue reading... “Spydercam”