16mm Cinematography With Scott Ballard


16mm Cinematography with Scott Ballard starts January 19th! Register online today.

Analog filmmaking is back at the Northwest Film Center! After an almost five-year hiatus, we’re excited to offer 16mm Cinematography again and this time with local Director of Photography Scott Ballard (DEATH ON A ROCK, THE BLACK SEA, HIDING BLAME). The nine-session course will give participants the opportunity to try out different 16mm film stocks (both black & white and color) and even different cameras (Bolex and Arriflex-S). Working in groups, students will complete projects in order to learn about lighting, blocking, and framing. Continue reading... “16mm Cinematography With Scott Ballard”

DP Thomas Del Ruth's latest

Oregon resident, Thomas Del Ruth, gets a shout out for his wonderful work on Rob Reiner’s latest film.  View Mr. Del Ruth’s extensive filmography at: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0215878/

‘Flipped’ and charmed

August 06, 2010|By Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times Film Critic
As he proved so winningly in “Stand by Me,” Rob Reiner is a filmmaker who has a way of telling stories about kids, suffusing them with ambivalence and insecurity about their still-evolving selves that feels both heartfelt and authentic.
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