Oregon Film’s 50th Anniversary Celebration Continues…

Kristi Turnquist (Oregonian/Oregon Live) is looking back at our shared film history here in Oregon and will be writing about and “taking note of memorable – and notorious – moments” in coming weeks.  Firstly, Turnquist took a look at 50 actors, all of whom have worked here in the state, and who have “helped turn their Oregon-filmed projects into fan favorites.”

Read it here.  #OregonMade


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The Oregonian/OregonLive Wins 2 Regional Emmys With Polar Bear Doc

The Oregonion/Oregon Live’s, Kale Williams, won a Reporting Emmy over the week end for his documentary film, “Thin Ice: A Polar Bear’s Plight” and Dave Killen received the Regional Emmy for direction of the film.  The doc was part of the bigger, Project Nora, that the Oregonian and Oregon Live have been reporting on since Nora was abandoned by her mother.

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The Oregonian “Grimm” Tour Guide of Portland Locations Is Out!

Watch the new tour of “Grimm’s” Portland locations on this great guide from the Oregonian!  You can read more  about this tour of 23 iconic locations used in the show here.



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Rent Production Equipment From Deep Green Films

In the spring of 2008, Deep Green Films bought top of the line production equipment in order to shoot the feature length documentary “Deep Green­­­­—Solutions to Stop Global Warming Now.”  Deep Green Films invested in the purchase of a Sony HDW F900R camera, Sony PMW-EX1 camera, Fujinon lenses, an HDCAM tape deck, a Sanyo HD portable projector, and a world class sound kit to produce this high quality documentary.  With the recent completion of the final cut of “Deep Green,” this equipment is now available for rental to industry professionals who know the value of quality low mileage gear. Continue reading... “Rent Production Equipment From Deep Green Films”