Oregon Vendor Spotlight: Shop Adorn

This summer, our team of Oregon Film student interns (Sabrina, Justen, and Jake) embarked on a project to interview some of the local vendors that have recently experienced an increase in business due to the film and television industry. By the end of the summer, the interns had produced eight short videos for their “Oregon […]

First of 8 @ORfilmInterns Videos to Come Out on Monday #ORFilm

This summer we were lucky enough to have four summer interns who were interested in learning more about the impact of the local film and television industry.  At the beginning of the summer, we had Veronica intern with us.  Veronica is studying business in school and was willing/interested in analyzing more than 25,000 lines of […]

Oregon Film Interns Spotlight Local Vendors

It’s been a busy summer for us interns at Oregon Film compared to what most people our age are doing right now: swimming, camping, and vacationing in general. As much as we’d like to take time off and just relax or sleep the summer away, we’ve been filming videos all summer long, working hard to […]