“Grimm” Gala Raises Over $800K For Doernbecher’s At Final Gala

Over the weekend, “Grimm”  NBCUniversal, Comcast, and Nike brought together cast, crew and attendees for the final time, to raise money for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation.  Within 3 hours, over $800,000 was raised from the gala’s auction of unique items, and props, from the show that has called Portland their home for 7 years and 6 seasons.

This means, to date the Grimmster Endowment has raised more than $1.4 million for the children and their families at Doernbecher. Continue reading... ““Grimm” Gala Raises Over $800K For Doernbecher’s At Final Gala”

Nike and U of O Create Parody Of “Animal House”


Nike has released a video parody of the (in)famous toga scene from “Animal House” (originally shot on the University of Oregon campus in 1978) that showcases a collection of athletes and U of O VIP’s dancing to Otis Day and the Knights’ “Shout”.  It’s fun to see the lines between a classic film and such sporting legends blur.  Read Oustide’s article here. Continue reading... “Nike and U of O Create Parody Of “Animal House””

New Grassroots Prefontaine Documentary

After two movies and a documentary, what more can there be said about Steve Prefontaine? Plenty.

We are Pirate films, a group of creatives from Marshfield High School whom have taken up the mission to create a Coos Bay based, Steve Prefontaine documentary.  You may read more on the project here: prespeople.com and view our Vimeo trailer (above).

We are in the post production stage and will be kicking off a Kickstarter campaign soon. If interested in the project, send your inquiries to; [email protected] Continue reading... “New Grassroots Prefontaine Documentary”

Nike Brings You the “ParaNorman” Shoe #weirdwins

You all know the connection between LAIKA and Nike so it’s no great surprise the Nike has released a “ParaNorman” shoe tied to the release of the film.   Regardless this is pretty cool!  We found the news in this morning’s Portland Business Journal but the gallery showing the shoe can be found here on examiner.com

According to this website – there are 800 pairs of these shoes up for grabs if you submit a “weird” picture of yourself on twitter. Continue reading... “Nike Brings You the “ParaNorman” Shoe #weirdwins”