The Way of Things film crowdfunding campaign

Trust is its own sacrifice.

Hello everyone in the film world of Oregon. I am happy to be given a moment on this platform to talk about my new film and the campaign around it. For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Martin Vavra. I am a director, producer and editor living in Portland. I’ve been chiseling away on a directing career in films and commercials for over fifteen years. My new film, The Way of Things is my most personal film yet, and the one that I hope acts as a transitional project. Continue reading... “The Way of Things film crowdfunding campaign”

“Patrick’s Story” at Breckenridge Festival of Film

Breckenridge Festival of Film recognizes local filmmaker’s doc ‘Patrick’s Story’

Another Oregon documentary is making waves on the film-festival circuit.

Martin Vavra’s doc “Patrick’s Story” has been accepted into Colorado’s Breckenridge Festival of Film.

“Patrick’s Story” follows a gay man, Patrick, who was removed from a Portland hospital as his partner lay dying.

Vavra explores what the word “marriage” means in our culture — taking a powerful look at the social confusion associated with registered domestic partnership rights. Continue reading... ““Patrick’s Story” at Breckenridge Festival of Film”