Portland is on the “Best Places to Live and Work as a Filmmaker” US List

MoveMaker Magazine just released its annual list of Best Places to Live and Work as a Filmmaker and Portland has made the list again. Coming in at #15 (just under our friends and colleagues to the southeast in SLC), Portland stands alone on the list for the PNW.

Here’s an excerpt from MMM:

Portland is making it easier to get film permits in its efforts to grow as a filmmaking destination, and a sizable crew base means it can handle up to four feature films and commercial work at the same time. It’s an artistic community where you shouldn’t have much trouble finding imaginative collaborators, and it offers a 25% rebate to films above a $1 million threshold, plus up to 26.5% of labor costs.

Its strong film culture should be evident from the more than 20 film festivals in the region, and lovely local movie houses include The Hollywood Theatre, which recently purchased the iconic video store Movie Madness, home to more than 80,000 titles, with help from a successful crowdfunding campaign. That’s just another sign of how much Portlanders love their movies.

Read more about it here.

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