“Food Stories” Grant Open For Applications Beginning September 16th

Food Stories  – From Farm and Field to Market

With over 38,000 farms in Oregon, both large and small, growing more than 250 products from wheat and beef, to salmon and berries, there are many delicious reasons to make a stop somewhere on the road from the farm to the market. In fact, Oregon is the number one U.S. producer of; blackberries, hazelnuts, peppermint, cranberries, rhubarb, grass seed, florist azaleas and Christmas trees.

All these products, and more, have seasons and stories that make the perennial journey from the farmer’s fields to farmer’s markets interesting, moving, and sometimes even epic and entertaining.  In many cultures across the world, stories about our growers and producers are often recounted and handed down generations.

The “Food Stories Grant” is being provided by the #OregonMade Creative Foundation in conjunction with Travel Oregon. This grant will offer $20,000 in funding to enable the selected applicant to explore the notion that Oregon’s foodie culture is not just about the end products we enjoy eating, tasting and drinking, but also encompasses the stories that create the products. Ultimately, the successful applicant will tell a unique story that weaves seasonal farming.

In addition to “documentary styled” content, proposed projects are encouraged to embrace different types of mediums (for example, 2D, 3D, Stop Motion animation, or graphics) and story structure (for example, narration, or non-linear storytelling).

Filmmakers from diverse backgrounds and/or stories including diverse subjects are encouraged.

The Pitch:
A compelling short film (approx. 3-10 minutes) that will explore the statement “A lot can happen on the journey from farm and field to the tables and meals we all enjoy.” What inspires you to dig deeper and explore the culture and traditions of farmers, farming and the way in which food and wine is entwined with life in Oregon?

Applications open 9 AM PST September 16th, 2019
– Deadline for applications: 5PM PST, October 14th, 2019
– Aiming to notify the winner by 5PM PST November 12th, 2019
– Delivery date due: Q2 or Q3 2020

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