Amelia Earhart fundraiser to launch 9/19/16

Amelia Earhart, who served as a consultant in the Department of the Study of Careers for Women at Purdue from 1935 to 1937, strides past her Lockheed Electra. Sally Putnam Chapman has donated 492 Earhart items Ñ including rarely seen personal and private papers such as poems, a flight log and a prenuptial agreement Ñ to Purdue Libraries' Earhart collection. (File photo) A publication-quality photograph is available at

You can help our ALI film crew join the search for Amelia Earhart!  Our Indiegogo fundraising campaign begins September 19 and will last just one month.  The funds will pay for us to secure a place on the expedition ship and film the research team in June and July 2017 as they voyage to the Pacific island of Nikumaroro, where Amelia very likely landed and survived for a time in 1937.  This expedition, which includes some serious archaeological fieldwork, could bring home conclusive evidence that the famous aviatrix was there.  Our footage will form the basis for our planned documentary film (tentatively titled, “Amelia, Where Are You?”) on the continuing search for Amelia.  See the Nikumaroro voyage page at and background on the current status of Amelia Earhart research.

More information will be forthcoming.  Please help us reach our goal by sharing this message with everyone, and get ready for the launch!

Rick Pettigrew

Richard M. (Rick) Pettigrew, Ph.D., RPA
Executive Director and President
Archaeological Legacy Institute
4147 E. Amazon Dr.
Eugene, OR 97405
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[email protected]

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