Hatfield Marine Science Center Hosts Ocean Research Mini-Film Fest

screen_shot_2016-09-11_at_5-15-21_pmOregon State’s Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport,  will be hosting a short mini-film fest September 22nd, at 5 and 7PM at the Hennings Auditorium of the Visitor Center.  The films will cover topics such as:

  • Oregon State University’s Marine Studies Initiative;
  • Ocean sound in the bottom of the Mariana Trench, with NOAA’s Bob Dziak;
  • Blue whales nursing, with Leigh Torres of OSU’s Marine Mammal Institute;
  • Ocean acidification, by OSU’s Justin Smith, with Caren Braby and Steven Rumrill of ODFW;
  • At sea larvae and plankton sampling with faculty and students from the Cowen/Sponaugle Lab at HMSC

The university’s latest marine-themed commercial will also be shown.

“These films exemplify the Marine Studies Initiative recently launched by OSU, said Bob Cowen, director of the OSU center. “We are excited about the opportunity to share our cutting-edge research with a wide audience through these dynamic and impactful films.”

For more information: 541-867-0234 or maryann.bozza @oregonstate.edu

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