Astoria Celebrates “The Goonies” 30th Anniversary

 Corey Feldman, who starred in "The Goonies," at an event in 2010. Credit Astoria-Warrenton Chamber of Commerce
Corey Feldman, who starred in “The Goonies,” at an event in 2010. Credit Astoria-Warrenton Chamber of Commerce

The highly-anticipated 30th anniversary of “The Goonies“, took place over 4 days in Astoria last month.  The celebration kicked off with the Geocache “One Eyed Willie Treasure” hunt at the Astoria Armory, with the official “Goonies Day” being marked as June 7th.  Several screenings of the movie took place over the four days with the collective events attracted around 15,000 fans from all over the world, celebrating the “Farewell to Warren Field” (location featured in the film’s opening), original cast appearances and the largest collective of the  Truffle Shuffle the world has ever seen!

Senator Ron Wyden prepared a statement for the Congressional Record to mark the 30th anniversary.  Wyden noted the growth of the Oregon film industry and the “good-paying jobs and tourism that in turn support local businesses and economic development across the State”. Read the whole statement here.

The series of fan events attracted plenty of press for Astoria:

The Wrap   Time  New York Times     Statesman Journal  New York Times

People Magazine  TIMES  Huffington Post    Oregon Live

Official Facebook here. #Goonies3o

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  1. Nice to see you celebrating an unsubsidized film – wish you’d put an end to what seems to be the Timeless Assistance to Non-needy Filmmakers program so you could celebrate more of these films.

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