Stop-Motion Series in Eastern Oregon Needs Your Help

Hak and Gnasher Poster

Chuck Peters, a small town filmmaker and LEGO stop-motion animator has launched his Kickstarter campaign for his latest project Hak and Gnasher.  The campaign’s aim is to raise $1350.00 for acquiring the necessary LEGO bricks, animation software, and a DSLR camera to allow him to produce his web series Hak and Gnasher in house.  The campaign is over half over, with only 25 days left, and he has raised 67% of the goal so far.

Boinx Software, developer of the popular stop-motion animation apps iStopMotion for iPad and iStopMotion for Mac, recently published a story to their blog to help raise awareness for the Hak & Gnasher Kickstarter campaign. To read the blog, click here.

Chuck first popped on the YouTube scene with the stop-motion series titled “Planet TR-57”; a cooperative comedic project that he worked on with Chris Wunz, and Jonathan Griffith of Valley Video Services back in March of 2009.  In 2010, the show met its untimely end and the group went their separate ways but Chuck has always yearned to return to stop-motion animation.

Chuck’s small stop-motion studio is located in La Grande, Oregon and utilizes the skills and energy of small town artists and actors that inhabit it. Hak and Gnasher are slated to begin production late 2014/Early 2015. Episodes will be available at Chuck’s YouTube website at and through his Facebook page www.facebook/chuckitfilms in 2015. Chuck’s production website is

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