Documentary Weekend: Bet you’re ready

Documentary Weekend logo black on white.001UPDATE: This event has been rescheduled to the fall. To find out more about the reschedule, please join the MeetUp Group:

If you’re a member of the creative class overflowing Portland’s bar scene, bike lanes and barista joints, you might want to take note of an event taking place later this month.

Portland creatives with an eye for film will converge in downtown Portland as part of Documentary Weekend. The event bills itself as an opportunity for people interested in film and documentaries – producers, actors, editors, directors, and film crews but also people with no experience at all – to meet form teams, then create a five-minute documentary in less than 30 hours.

Mark Grimes, event organizer, says “The event is geared to be fast-paced, fun, and exciting, but also hyper-focused on producing that documentary. We’ll assign the topics, attendees use their creativity and imagination to crank out something cool. At the end of the day Saturday, we’ll showcase every documentary before participants. It’s going to be a blast.”

Documentary weekend is 4:30 p.m 9/26-27 at NedSpace Morrison 619 SW 11th Suite 250. Cost: $35. Breakfast and Dinner provided both days. Participation is limited to 35 people. Whether you’ve made a film or not, want to network or are serious about making a real – if short – documentary film, Documentary Weekend may offer an opportunity for everyone. Bring your smart phones, tablets, whatever portable devices you want to use to produce your documentary.

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