“Something Unexpected” New rDMS Video

The RevolverDMS team recently crafted the perfect cocktail of sizzle and narrative for the Pacific Northwest franchise giant Pizza Schmizza. “We wanted to produce a video that captured the essence and energy of their thriving pub scene. I’ve been to Pizza Schmizza during large crowd events both during the day- and also late night dance parties- and enjoy each experience for very different reasons,” said Revolver Partner Benjamin James. “We wanted to produce a fun story and associate it with their colorful brand.”

The idea originated from various BeatsÔ commercials that feature star athletes such as Kevin Garnett, Richard Sherman and Colin Kaepernick. These commercials place the athlete in an increasingly hostile crowd scene. When the crowd becomes too overwhelming, the athletes use BeatsÔ headphones as an escape from the noise or negative environment through music. As Benjamin points out, “There’s just really something interesting about shutting the world completely out and doing your own thing.”

Revolver repurposed that concept, using obscure music that created a “WTF!” moment and played up a mixture of the “Twilight Zone Theme” and local “Keep Portland Weird” vibe – telling a story from a Pizza Schmizza bartender’s point of view. Having 25 years of proven results using experimental marketing, Pizza Schmizza founder Andre Jehan was quick to jump on the unique pitch and gave RevolverDMS the green light to produce a video at their Portland State University location in downtown Portland.

The final spot, “Something Unexpected,” is currently viewing on Vimeo and various social media channels.



Revolver Digital Media Studio is a West Coast-based video production company that produces music videos, shorts, web series, commercials and feature films. For more information on how to create affordable, compelling visual stories for your brand, contact RevolverDMS at (503) 268-9520 or [email protected].



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