Hinge Digital: Fruit! In! Space!

Inspired by Jamba Juice, the Hinge creative team developed this delicious and fun all-CG spot, featuring cinematic camera moves, dramatic lighting and exploding cosmic fruit, uniquely blended to perfection.

Fruit! In! Space!

After our success creating a foodscape of fruits and vegetables for NVIDIA, our team here at Hinge Digital was inspired by Jamba Juice to create a whole universe of fruit juice. We wanted to build on their existing name recognition, but expand the brand’s appeal to a younger, tech-savvy, science-fiction audience and exploit the natural beauty of both natural fruit textures and outer space. We sought to combine our expertise in photorealistic modeling and visual effects with a unique creative vision, culminating in a very different approach than their usual campaigns.

We took the time to get all the elements just right; we perfected the look of the fruit, explored all the options for the fluid explosions, and timed the motion for maximum impact. We played with cinematic camera moves, dramatic lighting, and layered particulate until everything came together just how we envisioned it.

“We had blast conceiving this project!” says Hinge Animation Director Alex Tysowsky. “Our goal was to create a cinematic universe that put the viewer right in the middle of all the action of frozen fruit meteors colliding to make a fruit smoothie. We’re especially proud of our amazing crew who got this done in just five short weeks.”

Our collaboration with figure8sound for original music brought the spot to life with the deep space, high-tech sound we wanted.

Needless to say, we’re really proud of the finished piece. It demonstrates that high-end visual effects don’t have to be restricted to film and science-fiction subject matter— they can be used for a variety of products and projects.

And the blogosphere seems to agree with us; the piece was picked up and shared on design blog From Up North and online magazine Ceiga. Most recently, it has been featured on The Portland Egotist. There has been a steady stream of views, and we’ve enjoyed reading and responding to all the comments on our Vimeo channel. We’re thrilled to be connecting with so many new faces, and hope that our work continues to be inspirational within the animation community.

Check out Hinge Digital’s other projects on their newly designed website: http://hingedigital.com

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