NBC Universal’s, Season 3 of “Grimm” Premieres Strong – More Great Episodes to Come

NBC Universal’s “Grimm” returned for its third season Friday and started up right where it left off.  The season 3 premiere was actually up in the ratings from the season 2 premiere and helped launch NBC’s friday night premiere of “Dracula”.  Here’s one quick analysis from the Hollywood Reporter.  If you were on Twitter during the friday night broadcast, you know that the show is a hit on Twitter as well.  During the 9:00pm west coast broadcast the cast was live tweeting and that with the fan interaction made “Grimm” one of the top trending topics on twitter.  It will be interesting to see if that remains the case for the season.

“Grimm” has been performing strongly with audiences the past two seasons (both nationally and internationally) with the season two finale garnering a total of 5.22 million viewers. 

“Grimm” stars, David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Bitsie Tulloch, Silas Weir Mitchell, Sasha Roiz and Reggie Lee, but  has also featured many local Portland actors (such as Danny Bruno, Mary McDonald-Lewis, amongst others) and during  season two, between 5-20 local actors per episode were hired as co-stars, recurring roles and one day guest stars.

The premiere episode, “Ungrateful Dead”  was directed by Norberto Barba, and was written by Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt.

OregonLive captured some behind-the-scenes pictures of “Grimm” shooting out and about in Portland over the last few weeks.

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