Featured Oregon Location: Yaquina Head (via GigaPan)

Oregon has many, viable location “looks” and not always what one might expect. The more obvious ones we have in abundance; rivers, mountains, trees, coast, lakes and farmland. Less known are; high desert, western style towns, sand dunes, gritty urban areas, vineyards, canyons and volcanic lava. We will be highlighting a specific Oregon location in each quarterly newsletter, and have partnered with Oregon company, GigaPan, by using their robotic mount technology to take detailed and vivid panoramic location pictures.

Our featured location this time is the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. It is located near Newport, Oregon, just over two hours from Portland.

You can view the full gigapan of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse on GigaPan’s website.
Photo Credit: Michael Franz, GigaPan.

A “gigapan” is a gigapixel panorama – a digital image comprised of billions of pixels that results in very close detailed, vivid images. GigaPan (located in Portland, Oregon) creates a variety of robotic mounts that make it possible for professional and amateur photographers alike to capture extraordinary panoramic images. 

(The original GigaPan technology – used to capture the pictures taken by the Mars Rover – was devised by a team from Carnegie Mellon West and NASA Ames Research Center).

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