Two Great Projects Showing Off Oregon’s Beauty

Nobody has ever doubted Oregon’s beauty.  It’s why so many fall in love with this state.  There are two new projects on the web thanks to several talented creative individuals that show off Oregon’s beauty in a new and exciting way.  In the past year Uncage the Soul Video Production has traveled all over the state showing off some of Oregon’s most beautiful vistas via time lapse photography.  Most recently John Waller and Ben Canales screened their most recent video featuring Portland at Uncharted Territory Portland TEDx.  Here’s the video:

Uncage the Soul previously did a similar video of Oregon which can be seen here:

The other project worth checking out is “This Is Oregon”.  The project was created by Shwood Eyewear and photographer Julian Bialowas.  The team traveled around the state and photographed some of our most beautiful sites.  Now the photos can be seen in a traditional format and also a 360 degree immersive experience.  On May 3, an interactive exhibit will be open to the public at The Cleaners in Portland.  Below is a making of video of this project.

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