The D-Sandwich Interviews: Refreshing Eastern Oregon's Sense of Humor

D-Sandwich interviews Michael Bettis, local beekeeper and learns about local honey production in La Grande, Oregon and the Grande Ronde Valley.

D explores issues like honey health facts, colony collapse disorder, infant botulism, sex practices of the species, as well as get’s personal – a slew of “This or That’s” outline one of the great contributing community members of La Grande, Oregon.

A lot of questions, a lot of info, a lot of laughs, support local foods systems with local honey. Bettis’ products can be found at The La Grande Farmers’ Market. To contact Bettis for more information about his business, product, or “This or That” responses connect with La Grande Life and we will connect the dots. Enjoy the Interview.

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  • One thought on “The D-Sandwich Interviews: Refreshing Eastern Oregon's Sense of Humor

    1. thanks for exploring local beekeeping. i would add that bee pollination is essential for the survival of (plant and therefore all) life on this planet. beekeeping ROCKS because it helps to pollinate/fertilize EVERYTHING. plus: the honey is not only delicious, it is magically healing, restorative and full of special enzymes, minerals, amino acids and other natural goodies that do wonders for human and animal life and health. pesticides kill bees. but all life needs bees, so in the interest of humanity, please consider reducing the use of poisons in agriculture, supporting our plant, animal, and insect allies, and may we all be blessed with abundance and health!

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