Soma SoftWorks, Leading The Charge On Virtual Production

The last couple of years has been a weird double-edged sword for the film industry. On one hand, the global pandemic means that the demand for movies and shows is at an all-time high. On the other hand, production to meet this demand is increasingly more difficult, what with travel restrictions, mask-mandates, and social distancing…If it couldn’t be done in-house, it wasn’t getting done.

Then “The Mandalorian” made virtual production a hit phenomenon. Thousands of studios began building LED walls and even after the pandemic had started to loosen its grip, the AR/XR hype train keeps accelerating. Continue reading... “Soma SoftWorks, Leading The Charge On Virtual Production”

Virtual Production in Portland

Kevin Fletcher on set Virtual Production
DP Kevin Fletcher and actor Nancy Ortiz on set


In a not-so-distant future, an off-world syndicate of couriers transport precious and illicit packages via inter-planetary portals. They alone hold the secret to the dust that powers them. Our story takes place in the early morning hours, when a disheveled retired bureaucrat wanders through the unfamiliar streets of Neo Tokyo to hand off a mysterious briefcase.
That’s the premise of the short narrative technical test recently completed on the LED Volume at Picture This.
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