Indie Portland Game Developers Organize Cartoon Network Game Jam

Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network

The Portland Indie Game Squad (PIGSquad) and Rose City Game Consulting Run are organizing a 48 hour Game Jam (Feb 12-14th)  – “The Cartoon Network Game Jam“.  The event will feature the cable channel’s characters that indie game designers will use to create their game ideas.   Teams will have 48 hours in which to create a prototype, and that will then be judged by Cartoon Network staff. (Teams can sign up here.)  The winning team will be offered a chance to negotiate a development deal with the Cartoon Network, which will offer the chance to realize the winning prototype’s full potential with a mobile roll out. Continue reading... “Indie Portland Game Developers Organize Cartoon Network Game Jam”

Oregon Story Board’s Class of 2015

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Yesterday at the Hollywood Theatre, the local business accelerator, Oregon Story Board presented their second Demo Day this year (first one was in January) of their eclectic class of 2015.

There to present their pitches were: Teak, scopic, WILD, Rose City Game Consulting, morebots, sprocketship,  The Secret Book Club, and Original Fare, all of which embody “digital storytelling” as a common thread running through their work.  The eight new start-ups were impressive in their vision and scope.   Continue reading... “Oregon Story Board’s Class of 2015”