OneRepublic’s Music Video – Would You Rescue Me – Is #OregonMade In Silverton.


OneRepublic’s latest music video, Would you Rescue Me? shot on location in the beautiful City of Silverton, and Silver Falls State park, with all the action taking place in the woods and in around the immediate downtown area.

Oregonian, Dawn Wagner, Line Producer, noted that around 35 Oregonian crew members were hired for the music video and they shot over two long days.  The young dancing talent were also local, and most of them had never been on screen before.  Continue reading... “OneRepublic’s Music Video – Would You Rescue Me – Is #OregonMade In Silverton.”

Spotlight On Oregon Location Professionals – Girlscout Locations

Sara Burton & Crofton Diack, Girlscout Locations
Girlscout Locations is headed by native Portlander, Sara Burton who has over 25 years location experience in Portland.  She began her career with Gus Van Sant’s “My Own Private Idaho”, followed up with a decade of studio feature work in Los Angeles and now 18 years in Portland has set up to exclusively serve advertising and commercial productions. Girlscout Locations has a team of consultants who work seamlessly with clients having access to the GSL massive location library, long time permitting relationships, and regional contacts to find every “needle in the haystack.”
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