OneRepublic’s Music Video – Would You Rescue Me – Is #OregonMade In Silverton.


OneRepublic’s latest music video, Would you Rescue Me? shot on location in the beautiful City of Silverton, and Silver Falls State park, with all the action taking place in the woods and in around the immediate downtown area.

Oregonian, Dawn Wagner, Line Producer, noted that around 35 Oregonian crew members were hired for the music video and they shot over two long days.  The young dancing talent were also local, and most of them had never been on screen before.  The main dancer, Cody Bingham, was cast out of LA.  Dawn noted that Silverton was, “so great to film in.  The community was very easy going considering our asks and our footprint within the city and State Park. I would love to film there again.”

Kenji Sugahara, A-Cam Aerials, captured the beautiful drone shots and aspiring creative director, James Ridley, consulting with Girlscout Locations,  found and secured the shooting locations.  James echoed Dawn in high praise for the City of Silverton and Silver Falls State park, and said that, “this was the best local response I have had to date. The people of Silverton really rolled out the red carpet for this shoot. From the police and city departments, to the bar owner’s, caterers and coffee purveyors not to mention home owners and neighborhood communities.  Silver Falls State Park deserves a huge mention as well – it’s obvious why this is the most frequented park in Oregon – stunning and film savvy to boot! Massive thanks you to each and every one of you.”

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