Iconic Oregon Animator & Filmmaker, Will Vinton, Dies Aged 70



Will Vinton

This morning , Oregonian, Will Vinton passed away after a long battle with Multiple Myeloma.   Vinton was, and is, an inspiration to many of animators and filmmakers alike.  He started his career in filmmaking in the early 1970’s with Claymation projects such as, “Closed Mondays” for which he won the Best Animated Short Oscar in 1975.  Vinton went on to create Will Vinton Productions (later Will Vinton Studios) and created many more animated short films, PSA and television commercials, as well as special effects for film and television (he won an Emmy for this work on the television show, Moonlighting, in 1987.) Continue reading... “Iconic Oregon Animator & Filmmaker, Will Vinton, Dies Aged 70”

An Interview with Will Vinton

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you know of Will Vinton. He’s the man who coined and, in 1978, registered the term “claymation” to describe his films’ use of stop-motion animated clay. He’s responsible for some of the most well-recognized ad spokesmen of the twentieth century in this style – the California Raisins and the Red and Yellow M&Ms. He’s won an Oscar and multiple Emmys; all while working from his home base in Portland, Oregon. Continue reading... “An Interview with Will Vinton”