OregonLive Details Popular Oregon Film Trail And Economic Benefits Of Set-Jetting

Today, Kristi Turnquist (OregonLive) shone a light and some insight on “set-jetting” (film tourism) in Oregon with two pieces; one on the popularity of the Oregon Film Trail, and the other highlighting the important economic benefits of film tourism for the state.

Last year, Expedia announced that its research showed that set-jetting would be an increasing trend to watch in 2023 and confirmed that “streamed movies and TV shows are now the top sources of travel inspiration (40%), outpacing the influence of social media (31%). Continue reading... “OregonLive Details Popular Oregon Film Trail And Economic Benefits Of Set-Jetting”

Baker’s Place On Oregon’s Film Trail

(Link to the full article with images here.)

Oregon is featured in more than 500 films, and a project by the state film office is marking movie locations with informational signs.

Baker County has three signs, all dedicated to the 1969 musical “Paint Your Wagon,” which was filmed here in 1968.

The markers can be found outside Baker Heritage Museum, 2480 Grove St., inside the lodge at Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort, and outside the city hall in Richland, once the ground thaws (this one will eventually be placed at Richland’s future playground).

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