5th Annual Deauville Green Awards Are Accepting Submissions – Got Green?


Got Green?  “The fight and adaptation to climate change, preservation of the biodiversity, energy transition, sustainable agriculture as well as transport and eco-mobility are only some issues of the commercials, image films and documentaries which will be presented at the 5th edition of the Deauville Green Awards on June 15th & 16th. As the largest green showcase in Europe, the festivals shows three competition programs which are dealing with sustainability, eco-innovations and social responsibilty.

Until 2nd of April, directors, producers, TV stations as well as companies and organizations can submit their films in 14 different categories which include eco-tourism and responsible travel, sustainable producing and circular economy, responsible consumption and eco-labels, health and living environment, organizations and social responsibility, handicap, diversity, solidarity, innovations and technological leaps, demographic transition and dependence. Continue reading... “5th Annual Deauville Green Awards Are Accepting Submissions – Got Green?”