Case Study: Feel Good Anyway IFC Rebrand

In early 2010, Oregon shop Feel Good Anyway began an intense journey into the heart of a network rebrand for IFC. IFC’s vision for the project was to extend the channel’s reach beyond indie film to include a wide selection of indie culture. Music, film, food, sex, gaming, internet shenanigans—all of these categories would be within IFC’s creative domain. They placed a particular emphasis on comedy as a focal point for the new brand, and everything from the logo to promos to the show packaging had to reflect the “Always On. Continue reading... “Case Study: Feel Good Anyway IFC Rebrand” blog premieres today, come help us celebrate

Following the successful effort to create a voice for the Oregon Film and Television community in the Oregon Confluence Blog, we recently convened a group of Oregon animation and visual effects professionals that we know, and asked them how a site dedicated to their segment of the industry might be received. After lots of lively conversation and great ideas, it became clear that there was great interest, and that it would be very helpful for drawing attention to the fact that Oregon has more than just great locations, amazing acting and crew talent, and not to mention, a terrific film incentive program. Continue reading... “ blog premieres today, come help us celebrate”