SOFaT Announces New Board

Southern Oregon Film and Television (SOFaT), Southern Oregon’s media industry trade association, introduced its new board last night at their 2013 Wrap Celebration held at the SOU Digital Media Center in Ashland. Members of the organization were joined by prominent members of local government and business to celebrate a very successful year in film and media production in the region, which included a very high-profile day of shooting for the Reese Witherspoon film WILD.

SOFaT is entering 2014 with a very strong outlook and a renewed approach to marketing Southern Oregon as a filmmaking destination, and installing a new board is a big part of that plan. Continue reading... “SOFaT Announces New Board”

Oregon Comedy Wins at LA Vampire Festival

Poster for the feature length comedy “Vampire Camp” which was produced in the Rogue Valley.

The indie comedy “Vampire Camp” was honored with the Best Feature award at the Vampire Film Festival in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 10.

“Vampire Camp” was produced in the Rogue Valley with an all-Oregon cast and crew.  The film was directed by Ray Nomoto Robison of Medford and written by Robison and Cathy Stadtfeld of Central Point. The 78-minute comedy follows an unsuspecting vampire hunter who is preyed upon by a group of vampires. Continue reading... “Oregon Comedy Wins at LA Vampire Festival”

Salem & Bend listed on “10 Best Small Film Festivals”

So, I entered my new short film, The Bag in to the Tupelo Film Festival (TFF).  That’s right Tupelo Mississippi.  I had heard good things about TFF and when it came time to enter film festivals I thought why not Tupelo.  After all it is the hometown of Elvis Presley and since the writer/star of The Bag was Elvis’ leading lady in The Trouble with Girls maybe TFF would find a little extra interest in the film.  Fast forward about 5 weeks and I haven’t heard anything back from Tupelo other than acknowledgment that they received my screener. Continue reading... “Salem & Bend listed on “10 Best Small Film Festivals””