PIGSquad + Patreon Present: Drink N’ Draw @ Design Week Portland

PIGSquad and Patreon have joined forces to host an evening of locally-made games and art!

Games will be open for everyone to play, and we invite artists to come draw fan art of the games on display. All artists (or non-artists!) are welcome to make game-inspired art. Along with the 20 local indie games, we’ll have Virtual Reality stations, including Tilt Brush!

For those of you who are up to the challenge, we’re bringing back Art Battles with Jolby: a competition of lightning round artwork creation over the course of 15 minutes! Continue reading... “PIGSquad + Patreon Present: Drink N’ Draw @ Design Week Portland”

Portland Global Game Jam® 2017 (hosted by PIGSquad)



The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is the world’s largest game jam event (game creation) taking place around the world at physical locations. Think of it as a hackathon focused on game development.

Attn jammers! Global Game Jam gives creatives an opportunity to develop games among friends and new acquaintances in 48 hours with the Portland Indie Game Squad!


The event kicks off on Friday evening at the Art Institute of Portland with a keynote, icebreakers, idea generating activities, and team forming (approx. Continue reading... “Portland Global Game Jam® 2017 (hosted by PIGSquad)”

PIGSquad Pub Takeover At Oregon Public House – Dec. 5

afterpartyFree & All Ages
Play games, meet developers, celebrate Portland games!
Have dinner and drinks with us to raise money for the PIGSquad nonprofit!

Join the Portland Indie Game Squad in an evening of games, special announcements, and community fun as they celebrate 2016 and kick off their end-of-year pledge drive for the nonprofit. PIGSquad is the Charity of the Day for Oregon Public House: A portion of all food and drink purchases on Monday, December 5th (including lunch!) will benefit the Portland Indie Game Squad. Continue reading... “PIGSquad Pub Takeover At Oregon Public House – Dec. 5”

Jumpdrive Studios Launches XO On Kickstarter

At the start of 2015, I found a new job at Jumpdrive Studios and left a 10 year career in the music business behind. My love of video games has never been a secret, and getting to work on them every single day is like a dream come true.  On top of that, we teamed up with one of my favorite composers Jim Guthrie – who I very much admire.  His work on Sword & Sworcery and Indie Game: The Movie is basically what inspired me to start writing video game music in the first place, and what set me on my path into the games industry. Continue reading... “Jumpdrive Studios Launches XO On Kickstarter”