Change How The World Builds Stories

buildyourplotThe idea of story is everywhere, but so few people really understand how to define what a powerful story really is. More than that, even when people can define story, there’s nothing out there to help them build one effectively. In the past there have been tips, tools, and tricks, but there has been no concrete process that took people step-by-step from an idea to a truly influential story. Portland-based filmmaking studio Stillmotion aims to combat this trend with Muse, their patent-pending storytelling process. Continue reading... “Change How The World Builds Stories”

Storytelling Matters. Join Us and Win $100,000 in Amazing Filmmaking Awards

When was the last time you told a story that you felt so connected to, that if you could, you would tell it entirely for free? And as a storyteller, when was the last time you made a film that truly moved people, and intensely reminded you of your passion for this craft?

Inspired by 10 years of filmmaking, 7 years of giving back, and 1 about-to-launch filmmaking platform, we are excited beyond words to announce Storytelling Parade.

Continue reading... “Storytelling Matters. Join Us and Win $100,000 in Amazing Filmmaking Awards”

Portland’s Stillmotion Wins Emmy Award

, a team of filmmakers based in Portland, Oregon, won their fourth Emmy Award at the 34th Annual Sports Emmy Award Ceremony on May 7th, 2013.

Stillmotion worked alongside CBS Sports’ Pete Radovich Jr., Stephen Karsik, and Gareth Hughes to produce the film “One Heartbeat” which garnered the award as the most Outstanding Edited Sports Special.

The winning piece tells the story of the Chardon High School shooting on February 27, 2012 in Chardon, Ohio, and how basketball helped the spirit of the community prevail through such a horrific event. Continue reading... “Portland’s Stillmotion Wins Emmy Award”