‘Sometimes I Think About Dying’ – Was “A Gorgeous Time”!

#OregonMade ‘Sometimes I Think About Dying’, starring Daisy Ridley, was released in the US on Jan 26th by Oscilloscope Laboratories (it opened theatrically in France on Jan 10th) and the film will be at theaters locally on February 2nd. Get ready to grab your tickets!

Kristi Turnquist’s recent update on the film reports that both Ridley and director, Rachel Lambert, described their experience shooting in Astoria and on the north coast as, “a gorgeous time”.  A fine endorsement indeed! Read the whole piece here.

During the filming, Ridley spent time in Astoria and on the Oregon Coast, and she had nothing but good things to say about these locations. She was moved by the Pacific Ocean’s beauty and the rough shoreline and loved the slow pace of life. (Read more in Oregon Live, Collider, and the Hollywood Reporter).

Of the small crew (about 20-25 people) around half were from Oregon. It shot mostly in Astoria, as well as Seaside, Gearhart, and St Helens. Oregon Co-Producers, Steve Weisman and Kyle Eaton said, “The film was originally written for Maine, but they came here to look at the coast and fell in love with it and altered the story just a little to fit with the Northwest “. Weisman noted, “It was a fantastic shoot — the community of Astoria particularly was a welcoming joy to work with — municipalities, fire dept, police dept, chamber of commerce — and the people of the city were so great.

Many exceptional Oregon talent was also part of this film, including; Ayanna Berkshire, Jeb Berrier, Sean Tarjyoto, Vin Shambry, Rich Hinz, and June Eisler.

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