Top Secret Club – Writer’s Network – Launches Feb 27, 2023

Join us for the official launch of Top Secret Club 2023! An evening for us to gather, workshop new projects, network, and celebrate our writing, acting, filmmaking, and theater communities.  Monday 2/27 @portlandcenterstage at the armory in the Ellen Bye Studio. Free to attend! Doors at 6:30!

We are thrilled to announce our first two writers and their projects: Ajai Tripathi’s play “The Rainbow Passage” and AR Nicholas screenplay “Old Ladies Find Money” will be featured through a live table read and facilitated feedback session. More about Ajai, AR, and their projects coming soon!!

So… will YOU join Top Secret Club??

Shout out to our partners supporting the 2023 Program @artistsrep @oregonfilm. Top Secret Club 2023 wouldn’t be possible without the support of our partners. Event image design by @design.carlo 🌟

This is a partnership program of the Creative Opportunity Program partially funded through Oregon Film.

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Writer Bios

Ajai Tripathi was plopped down in Oregon with blood from Coatlhuiltecans, Brahmans of Bharat, and traces of Andalusians. Several identities developed within – male, gay, queer, mexicano, americano, desi… I started writing to confirm that I was a human being and devoted myself to art, dedicated to the proposition that humans may uncover an obscure connection with one another. My mom taught me to paint, and with an artist’s eye, all was integrated, interconnected and beautiful. Traveling through India as a child I became enamored with temple dioramas and turned my attention to toy theatres, puppets and shadowgraphy. In the rituals of theatre, I fell in love with the ongoing human drama. New monikers followed – actor, director, producer, playwright… I write from a queer brown experience in a straight white world with an aim to decolonize my mind. I graduated from OSU and traveled the US with Teatro Milagro, leading workshops in agitation propaganda and the theatre of the oppressed. My bilingual plays for young audiences: Sueños de Fútbol, Mijita Fridita, and Corré, Corré have been performed throughout the Northwest. Fascinated with folk tales, fairy stories, and flower songs, I produced with PDX Playwrights my one person show Osho Returns, and shadow plays The Madness of Dionysus and Cosmogonos for the Fertile Ground Festival of New Works. My play Great White Gets Off received a reading at the PNMC Festival and will soon be in production with Fuse Theatre Ensemble. My screenplay The Pooka was recently named as a quarterfinalist in the ScreenCraft Writing Competition in the horror category. Recently returning from Dublin, I currently teach storytelling for Northwest Children’s Theatre & School while studying for an MFA in Screenwriting with the David Lynch Graduate School of Cinematic Arts at Maharishi International University.  Pure consciousness is a blank canvas, and I like to dip my brushes in the colors within.

AR (Anna) Nicholas is an award-winning film and theatre maker based in Portland, OR. after stints in NY and LA. Her first feature film, UNIVERS’L, starring Tony Todd, took her all over the world and won the Fassbinder Prize at Mannheim-Heidelberg. A second feature, FAMOUS AGORAPHOBIC WOMAN TELLS ALL! just premiered at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland and she’s currently in development with her third feature, OLD LADIES FIND MONEY. A COVID project starring Jenny O’Hara, BRIDE & ZOOM, made as a benefit for has been picking up awards for Best Romantic Comedy and Best Quarantine project at film festivals around the country and a recent short, CATCH & RELEASE starring Ted Rooney, will be at McMinnville Shorts Fest Feb. 23-26, 2023. Her plays have been performed all over the US, including Portland, and she still acts on occasion. More at


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