My name’s Tristian: I had an idea!

I’m a stand-up, but I want to make movies, or just write them. Or act. Or edit. Or decoupage, but I don’t think anyone would pay me for that, really anything but any stand-up. 

Also, I really like to do stand-up. 

So my idea! I’ll make a movie with stand-up comedians (and a musician.) 

Party Quest showed at the Kiggin’s Theater December the 8th, featuring an hour-long live show of music and comedy with the cast, and finished up with the short film as the headliner. 

It’s often not until a comedy series is several episodes in that it really gets funny, because the audience needs to get to know the characters. However, the stand-up show helped get the crowd to like the cast before the film even started, and every showing is unique. 

Party Quest: Tales Around the Campfire is the middle part of a three-part story. Because it was the most cost-efficient part to make. We hope it gets enough attention, so we get funding to make the rest. Or we’ll try another similar project with a performer-cast-driven short film. And I might also write a book (going to be about a space comedian!)


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