“Any Oregon Sunday” – 3 Oregon Womens’ Extreme Motocross Adventures!

The winners of the third annual Outdoor Adventure Film Grant – “Oregon’s Outdoors Are For Everyone” – recently presented their winning project “Any Oregon Sunday.”

The Winning Team: Kanani Koster, Janie Faison, and Tiffany Lindquist – all based in Portland, OR, and dedicated to telling “diverse and authentic stories that are created by a majority of women and POC-identifying locally-sourced cast and crew” put together this inspiring and uplifting documentary project portraying Adventure MotorSports in Oregon, specifically told through the lens of diverse women riders. The features three different “styles” of riding across Oregon’s terrains; Riding Recreational ATVs at the Sand Lake Dunes, Motocross Racing on off-road circuit tracks at Browns Camp in Tillamook Forests, and Trials Bike competitions in the Eastern Oregon High Desert. The viewer learns not only about the diversity of motorsports but the womxn who ride, their communities, and the camaraderie they share. (Read more here.)

Kanani is a WOC filmmaker based in Portland with over 5 years of filmmaking experience specifically in Narrative Shorts, Commercials, and Documentaries as a Director and Producer. She has created commercials for King County Wastewater Treatment and Islandwood’s Environmental Outdoors Masters program, one of which she is a graduate of (Masters of Urban
Environmental Education). Kanani Koster’s last short film, The New Frontier, was a Western that reclaimed American iconography and history for POC stories. She collaborated with 5 different local writers of color to tell each story through spoken word poetry and ensure accountability for the authenticity of the stories being told. The film was awarded best short at Oregon International Film Awards and nominated for Best Short at Red Nation Native American Film Festival in LA. Kanani has spoken on numerous panels and done Q&A’s discussing race and representation in film. She is also currently working as a Producer for Scott Braucht’s feature-length Drag History Bio-Documentary, Dear Doris. Kanani has a soft spot and nostalgia for all motorcycles after growing up riding dirt bikes across Washington with her dad, a former
motocross and trials rider.

Janie is a Portland-based Motion Designer and Artist who works in stop-motion and Live action productions. She has worked on LAIKA’s Missing Link feature film, commercials, and various short films in and around the PNW. She has previously worked in LA on a stop motion television series and recently created animations for the AIGA of Portland for Design Week 2019. She has worked for Gearhead Production Rentals which is a huge supporter of Oregon productions and is a member of the Couch Film Collective who supports equitable and inclusive projects. Her affinity for Oregon film and television has led her to work in the industry while connecting peers continuing to bring stories to life.

Tiffany is the Rental Coordinator at Gearhead Grip & Electric, a board member of the Couch Film Collective, an OMPA member, and founding member of the local women’s motorcycle riding group, “The Torque Wenches”. Tiffany moved to Portland in 2014 with the dual goals of pursuing a career in the film industry and spending more time adventuring outdoors.
Since then, her position at Gearhead has put her in close contact with a cross-section of local filmmakers and production crews and given her hands-on experience as a Grip and Electrician on a variety of Oregon productions. As a member of the OMPA and a board member of the Couch Film Collective, Tiffany’s work focuses on underrepresented filmmakers to produce
diverse, inclusive, locally resourced projects. An avid motorsport enthusiast, Tiffany is a founding member of the Torque Wenches, an all-female motorcycle group, and has established a wide network of street bikes, dirt bikes, and quad riding compatriots. Equally comfortable rigging a camera car, organizing an equipment list, or changing a spark plug on the side of a scenic Oregon highway, Tiffany is committed to exploring the Pacific Northwest and capturing those adventures on film.

The OAFG20 – “Oregon’s Outdoors Are For Everyone” – looked for experienced filmmaker candidates (and we had many great ones who were able to demonstrate a compelling short film pitch that promised to portray the excitement and rigor of an outdoor adventure, extreme action sport, or pursuit that has the potential to inspire others). The hope is always that the finished short film will equally illustrate the inspiration of adventure, the triumph of the human spirit, and the distinct possibility that outdoor pursuits can mobilize and empower people to get outside and make their own stories in the great Oregon outdoors.  “On Any Oregon Sunday” met the goal admirably.

The $20,000 Grant was provided by the #OregonMade Creative Foundation in conjunction with Travel Oregon.



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