Soma Games Releases Game “Wind Up Robots Classic”

In just a couple of days, Wind Up Robots Classic will be available for any mobile Apple or Android device. This is an updated release of one of our first mobile games.

Back in 2011, Wind Up Robots was the second game Soma Games published. The basic story is that a kid named Zach is understandably afraid of the dark. His grandfather, both a veteran and inventor, creates small robots to protect Zach while he sleeps. It’s y-o-u-r job to direct the robots and make sure they attack the monsters before they attack Zach’s dreams. Easy enough, right?

As you play through the game, you’ll get introduced to new robots, each with different abilities (side note: they each have new, unique sound effects, too!). When you level up, you will also get new options for gear and items to improve your monster-fighting capabilities. Each round, you get to assemble your ideal monster and dinosaur-slaying team of robots and gear, so stay alert! Your strategy is what keeps Zach sleeping at night.

After a monster is successfully defeated, you are rewarded with a coin. Coins can be used to purchase fun extras, like hats, belts, and all other needed accouterments for a well-dressed robot. In Wind Up Robots Classic, you may also opt-in for JoyMonster “joy boxes.” Joy boxes are small white boxes with discounts and coupons for restaurants and other stores based on your location, provided at no cost to you.

The game is light-hearted, yet has enough strategy to keep both kids and adults coming back for another round. Be on the lookout, because the game is set to release THIS Sunday. And, as always, let us know your thoughts! Leave a review in whatever platform you download the game, or send an email at [email protected].

Soma Games LLC is an independent video game developer located in Newberg, Oregon. We believe video games can be far more than time-wasters. Video games hold the potential to showcase beauty, reward adventure and excellence, and challenge thinking. Our goal is to passionately and dutifully craft the games that elevate humanity rather than waste it. To learn more, check out our website.

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