Tag! Queer Shorts Festival Launch

The Corvallis Queer Film Festival that was started as an OSU faculty project 6 years ago is re-launching as the Tag! Queer Shorts Festival on February 28 at our original home venue, the Darkside Cinema in downtown Corvallis. Tag! Queer Shorts Festival will start offering pop-up screenings in Portland in the fall of 2020 and return to its multi-day competitive festival format in the winter of 2021 hosted by a major Portland arts/film organization.

Tag! Queer Shorts Festival screens work of any genre with a length of 15 minutes or under created by a queer- or trans-identifying filmmaker. This year’s launch event features two blocks of two hours each with multiple directors present at each screening.

Our more thematically broad and accessible program is at 5:00 followed by a second block at 8:00 showcasing experimental, erotic and more thematically complex pieces for adult audiences. More info and tickets can be found at darksidecinema.com.

Tag! Queer Shorts Festival has graduated from college and is now an independent, filmmaker-supported festival organized by El Inverso Productions, LLC (elinverso.com).

Details of Tag! festival program

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