Features vs Benefits of a Loop Group

First things first: “What the hell is a Loop Group?”
Here you go:

And here’s a great historical perspective.

Has there ever been a cohesive Loop (ADR) Group in the Pacific Northwest? I couldn’t find one, so when I moved back to Portland from LA to raise my kid, it was time to build one. Throughout 2018, we trained, rehearsed, and even worked on a few great local projects.

Now that RebeLoop is ready to go, I asked our actors at a recent session, “How should we go about getting the word out to content creators?” Everyone had an idea. “Free demos?” “Spam the OMPA list?” “Beer? Weed?”

While free beer and weed was my favorite, cooler heads prevailed and our resident smart-guy, Neil, suggested, “just list the features and how they truly benefit producers.”

Fine, Neil. We’ll go that route.

Feature: Custom Background Audio
Benefit: Keeps you from pulling your hair out while burning studio time trying to find stock sounds that somehow magically fit your masterpiece. Or, in just a few takes, have a perfect match for every scene.

Feature: Free Demos
Benefit: Your skin will glow with confidence with firsthand experience as you watch fight scenes, emergency crews, large and small crowds all come to life before you commit a single dime. And if you can’t get some lead actors back for ADR, see if a RebeLoop actor can match and deliver what you need before any session.

Feature: Oregon Incentives Apply
Benefit: Warm feelings of pride as investors pat you on the back for saving 10% on talent and 20% on studio fees for your qualified OPIF and iOPIF project.

RebeLoop also welcomes anyone interested to come watch our training sessions, usually on the last Wednesday every month at Rex Post from 7-10 pm. You can even bring material to demo, and yes, there will be free wine and beer (no weed, audio gear hates smoke).

Contact [email protected] with any questions you may have.

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