#OregonMade Film Series: Kansas City Bomber Raquel Welch Comes to Portland

Next up in our #OregonMade Film Series at The Hollywood Theatre is the Roller Derby classic: “Kansas City Bomber.” You may recall this film being featured in our Oregon Film history series Raiders of the Lost Archive – but, either way, here’s your chance to check it out on screen. The screening is 7p on Monday, April 1.

Raquel Welch plays aspiring roller derby sensation KC, a star-in-the-making who gets transferred to Portland early in the film, eager to become the dominant player of the local scene.  But while KC tries to be a strong, self-determined woman, her world often works against her.  She’s a single mom who leaves her kids (that include a very young Jodie Foster) at home to be cared for by her mother so that she can pursue her dreams of self-actualization via roller derby stardom, opening herself to both maternal withering criticism and charges of parental neglect. This is a side of 1970’s Portland we bet you haven’t seen; from the Kenton Club to the Roller Derby obsessed faces of countless Portland extras cheering and jeering KC to Rose City infamy.

You can book your tickets for the April 1st screening here.

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