“The Portland Circuit’s” Inaugural Season Is Underway



This week the Willamette Week did a great job of covering the inaugural Portland Circuit.

The Portland Circuit, a collaboration between the #OregonMade Creative Foundation, the Northwest Film Center, the Hollywood Theatre, the Clinton St. Theater, and Cinema 21, has been created to provide a local theatrical run for #OregonMade feature films. This initial pilot program will select feature-length films and allow them to have a paying audience screening in four of the most dynamically programmed independent theaters in Portland.

These “theatrical runs” will consist of a four day, theatrical screening in each of the participating theaters (each on separate days). The first run will be held in October 2018 and then a second run of a different, still-to-be-named feature film will follow in February 2019.

The first film in the Circuit’s lineup will be, “Sex Weather,”  the sixth feature film from director Jon Garcia.

Ticket links to all theaters and more information can be found here.

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