“Droplets” Proof of Concept – Crowdfunding Reach

Students at Portland State University are asking for help with their film as supporters of student filmmakers! Check out our Proof of Concept above.


The lives of a sorority girl, a star athlete, an activist, and a low income student intersect at a college party that determines their true identities.


Droplets is a story about racism, sexuality, mental health, and human rights. It depicts the lives of four college students: Daphne, Gerard, Leo, and Michael. These students all struggle with their identity in a far from perfect world. Daphne, a sweet, go-getter, struggles with her relationships as she becomes wrapped up in her life as a sorority girl when she doesn’t really want to. Gerard, a black, all-star football player, struggles with his sexuality as his homophobic friends and girlfriend (Daphne) become more aware of his secret. Leo, a hispanic, first generation college student is confident in himself to challenge the actions of seemingly autocratic and corrupt Vice President who has challenges of her own to face in the political arena of higher education, but is held back by personal relationships with his parents and closeted boyfriend (Gerard). And lastly, Michael, a white, depressed student who struggles to care about anything but his silently crippling depression compounded by the traumatic horrors of his past despite his inability to access funds to pay for therapy sessions and school due to budget cuts. While each of these episodes focuses on one of these characters, we join them all at a college party at the end of a long week where Daphne finds out that Gerard is cheating on her and that her real friends are not within the sorority; where Gerard becomes more comfortable with his sexuality in front of his friends; where Leo understands that he hasn’t tried hard enough to fight for what he wants, and where Michaels fate is left up to the audience when he gets in a drunken car accident.


This is a production that seeks to empower students to work in collaboration with many other like minded people from the Portland School of Film, the School of Theatre, the School of Art and Design, the School of Music, and more. The people involved in this project will not only walk away with a greater understanding of the creative process, but with many connections with people from the professional world. Lastly, and most importantly, the people in this project are put in a position of serving both the student community at Portland State and the professional community within the broader Pacific Northwest. Droplets aims to showcase our students talents and ability to tell a relevant and motivating story, and with the support of donors like you, we can make this ambitious project a reality.

How can you help?

If you are interested in donating, go to this link: https://giving.psuf.org/PSUTV

If you are interested in sponsorships/product placement/or other support, email me at [email protected]

The budget for Droplets falls around $7,000. This is not the total budget as we have already secured our equipment such as cameras, lighting kits, sound kits, and more related items. So, from this crowdfunding campaign, we will need the $7,000 additional funds to be used for securing locations, marketing, distribution, food, transportation, props, costumes, makeup, and editing. The campaign will conclude Mid-April and the following month will be spent finalizing the above items, casting, and prepping for principal photography. Our shooting dates will vary based on cast and crew schedules but is currently set to take place between July 1st and August 15th. Following this will be the editing process and by February 2019 we hope to submit to a few festivals and streaming sites (outlets such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu are options) before releasing it to the public in the Summer of 2019.

**title subject to change**


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