Bent Image Lab Spin-Off Augmented Reality YOUAR Inc. Was Recently Recognized In Forbes.

Bent Image Lab spin-off Augmented Reality YOUAR Inc. was recently recognized in Forbes.

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April 9, 2018

Forbes covered our recent technical demonstration, for the first time, Apple and Android phones playing together in the same AR environment. Call us to plan your next AR project we’ll knock your socks off!

Portland-Based YOUAR Enables iOS and Android Devices to Share Persistent Augmented Reality

Android and iOS Devices to Play Together:

PORTLAND, OR — YOUAR, an Augmented Reality (AR) company, has released a video demonstrating their Convergent Computer Vision (CCV) solution enabling shared cross-platform persistent AR experiences for iOS and Android devices. YOUAR’s hardware agnostic, social augmented reality platform and application operating environment allows developers to create and share AR experiences across all AR enabled devices.

YOUAR’s patent-pending CCV, “UberCVTM”, and AR Cloud localization system makes sharing between ARKit, ARCore and other proprietary CV enabled systems possible.

Carlo Calica, YOUAR CTO explained, “ARCore and ARKit do not currently allow users to reload localization information, so they cannot save dynamic content and nothing is permanent. With UberCV, YOUAR environments and content is persistent. Users can add new content in person or remotely and when you open the app, everything is right where you left it.”

YOUAR Convergent Computer Vision / UberCV Demo
We are creating a system that can support an entire world of shared augmented experiences. Android and iOS devices playing together: made possible by YOUAR’s UberCVTM technology.
The demonstrations released today shows Android and iOS users sharing a common, interactive experience, walking their sharks in the park. The scene includes persistent AR content, a 3D Monolith, seen in POV on an Apple and Samsung phone with two additional Apple and Samsung phone user-controlled sharks in view. Normally automatic, developer mode buttons and functions have been added to explicitly illustrate the loading of a shared, persistent, environment and the launching of a shared application on the devices.

“Combining Android and iOS platforms is just the beginning” said Ray Di Carlo, CEO of YOUAR. “UberCV highlights our ability and commitment to deliver open, social AR Experiences across all platforms, not limited by brand or device type. Allowing users to choose any AR enabled device to engage in real-time interactions within the same persistent Augmented Reality experience is the key to unlocking powerful social AR”.

Visit to view the demonstrations, get more info and sign up for early access to YOUAR’s developer and partner programs today.

YOUAR is a Portland OR based augmented reality company building a social “AR Cloud” Platform that allows users to discover, create and share AR content, games and experiences anywhere. YOUAR was founded by Ray Di Carlo and David Daniels in 2014.

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