Screenwriting ReMix For New Media With Randall Jahnson

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-10-55-17-amThe Northwest Film Center has another new class offering this fall, Screenwriting Remix for New Media. It is a ten-session class taking place on Tuesday evenings, October 4 to December 13, that explores how traditional screenwriting can be the launching point for re-imagining plot and character in the interactive Digital Age. Can character be developed on Instagram? Can Google Maps advance plot? Can a story be told on Skype? Integrate these and other platforms into your narrative through an individual writing mash-up.

Register here online now.

RANDALL JAHNSON is a freelance screenwriter who writes for film and television (studio and independent), video games and documentaries. His 30+ years of experience includes screenplays for Jonathan Demme, Spike Lee, Alec Baldwin, Oliver Stone (THE DOORS) and Steven Spielberg (THE MASK OF ZORRO), television episodes for HBO (TALES FROM THE CRYPT), and video games for Neversoft/Activision. A member of the Writers Guild of America, he writes in a range of genres, from bio-pics and adaptations, to horror and historical. He has taught screenwriting privately and for the Willamette Writers Conference for many years. His latest script, DIONNE, about singer Dionne Warwick, is slated to go into production later this year.

Topics covered in class:
Breaking It Down and Building It Up: Story Structure in The New Media Landscape
Cinematic Storytelling and Visual Grammar
POV: Achieving a Visceral, Emotional Experience
Linear versus Non-linear
Applying Old School Principles to the New School
Writing for Hire
Instructor Feedback on Your Individual Re-Mix Writing Project

Prerequisites: A basic understanding of screenplay structure.

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