Documentary Proposal Writing With Host Of OPB’s Field Guide

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-10-55-17-amThe Northwest Film Center is excited to offer a new four-session course with host and executive producer of OPB’s Field Guide, Steve Amen. The class takes place on Monday evenings, October 3 to October 24, and will be a great place to jump start your documentary project with an irresistible proposal that leaves funders wanting to know more. Establish credibility for you and your project by answering the key questions: “Why this film?,” “Why now?,” and “Why should you be the producer?.”

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Topics covered in class include:
Traits of a successful proposal (analyze and discuss different examples)
Proposal elements and their purposes: logline, synopsis, outline, treatment, budget, work samples
Defining your project from big idea to intended audience
Writing technique: tone, tense, voice and clarity
The art of budgeting (cost estimating, cash/inkind sources, formatting)
How to write about yourself: effective biographies and filmographies
Types of show reels and why you need one (with examples)
Tips for producing promos and sizzle reels (e.g. selecting the best sound, video and music)
Common pitfalls to avoid
Tailoring your proposal to different types of funders and resources
Adjusting your proposal as fundraising and production progress
Bring in what you’re working on and get Instructor feedback

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