About Strata: Portraits of Humanity

 StrataImage-webProduced by our 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Archaeological Legacy Institute, Strata: Portraits of Humanity is a unique program, unlike any other available on TV today. Strata is a fresh monthly showcase for unique, captivating and diverse stories about our cultural heritage from an archaeological perspective. Our program segments are seen for the most part only in this show, which is delivered consistently on the 15th of each month. We produce some of the segments ourselves and acquire the rest from our dozens of producer and distributor partners around the world. Our stories come from across the globe, ranging from the United States to Canada, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and many other locations. We have an endless supply of fresh content in our pipeline.

Strata is the direct descendant of the Video News from TAC, which we launched in October 2010, and over the span of four complete years presented 106 program segments on highly varied topics in 16 US states and territories, 27 other countries, and two heavenly bodies (the Earth and the Moon). Since its launch, Strata has presented 25 program segments on 13 countries and 7 US states. Strata now is carried on 35 stations all across the US, including Comcast on-demand in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California. To find if it is available in your area, see our station list at http://bit.ly/1NpnzYD. To access the show on Comcast cable, find the Get Local area in the on-demand menu and look for “Strata.”

To get an idea about the content of Strata, take a look at our promotional videos. See our 30-second trailer here . Our pitch to prospective sponsors is here. Our preview for the November 2015 edition is here.

If we can expand the show’s audience enough, we’ll be able to find sponsors to help support it. Check out Strata: Portraits of Humanity and share it as widely as possible! Thanks.

Rick Pettigrew


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