The Future of Storytelling at Portland Film Festival


Technology has not only changed the way filmmakers tell stories, it’s creating new types of stories to tell. The Portland Film Festival explores this new wave ofstorytelling again this year with the Storyworlds program on Saturday, September 5th. Storyworlds invites you to learn more out more about transmedia, virtual reality, augmented reality, and ways to hone your creative idea to build an audience.

What is Transmedia?

How are national TV shows using transmedia? Find out from Geoffrey Colo, transmedia producer for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Marvel’s Agent Carter. Hear how Geoffrey began his career in transmedia storytelling and how that led to his role with ABC & Marvel Television.  Whether you’re a fan of Marvel, interested in creating multi platform content on your own, or just hoping to get a better understanding of what transmedia is, this is a conversation you won’t want to miss.

As more TV shows film in Portland, what sort of opportunities exist for transmedia producers to help extend those stories and keep audiences engaged between seasons?
Join us September 5th at 4pm!

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Listen to indie creators exploring the next wave of entertainment using VR (virtual reality), alternate reality games, and augmented reality. We will cover storytelling for all the realities! (Yes, even real world reality.)

Whether you’re new to immersive storytelling or a fan of inventive ways indies are using technology and games, this panel will inspire you to think about stories in new ways.
Join us September 5th at 2pm!

Speakers include:
Kent Bye (Voices of VR, The Crossover)
Laura E. Hall (60 Minutes to Escape)
Gabe Shaughnessy (Augmented Art, Dungeon Hacker)

Hosted by Mike Vogel (Phrenic, Zoe Trapp)

How to Make a Webseries Stand Out

The good news is anyone can create a web series. The bad news is anyone can create a web series. With no shortage of shows being uploaded daily, what can web series creators do to stand out from the crowd? Listen to established web series producers and newcomers experimenting with innovative ways to find an audience.
Join us September 5th at Noon!

Speakers include:
Kelly Cox of Original Fare
Paige McKenzie and Mercedes Rose from The Haunting of Sunshine Girl
Audrey Goldfarb of Audreality

Hosted by Scott McMahon, founder of

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