Hinge Brings Households Together for Cox Communications

Hinge teamed up again with PM Publicidad in Atlanta to create this broadcast spot showcasing six very different consumer households in one seamless camera move for Cox Communications. The deceptively simple looking spot was the product of meticulous orchestration between the live action and CG worlds.

VFX Breakdown:
The project workflow began with the previs team: They roughed out the six virtual sets and developed a loopable camera move to program the Milo motion control rig. At the shoot, a RED EPIC was mounted to the Milo arm, and captured each household’s performance on the green screen sweep, as the Milo moved down the tracks. Back at Hinge, the CG look development team dressed and lighted the digital sets, while the composting team pulled keys, rotoscoped and integrated the talent and central props into each household. Last but not least, final color grading brought it all together for delivery.

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