Fusion Documentary Challenge Call for Entries

The Fusion Documentary Challenge allows you to create short documentaries (4-7 minutes) in five days from start to finish. You will get to choose the five days they would like to make their film between now and November 5, 2014. Contestants will be given the theme of this year’s challenge and get to choose between two given genres.

The top 20 films receive an exclusive 18-month licensing deal with Fusion to feature these films on Fusion’s broadcast and digital platforms. The top 12 films as determined by an esteemed panel of judges will premiere at Slamdance Film Festival in January 2015 in Park City.

The films will also be screened at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in Missoula, MT. Winners are awarded up to an additional $4500. 

Usually, it would cost over $140 to submit to these festivals and there are over 6000 entries to compete against.  We allow only 300 teams to participate with the Fusion Doc Challenge and the top 12 winners automatically screen at Slamdance and Big Sky and get an 18 month TV deal with Fusion.  We also provide all access passes to the winners for free which is usually $300-$500/festival plus our prizes are up to $4500.

So, for $125 (which can be split by members of a team) you have a much better chance of actually screening at premiere film festivals ($1,100 value), getting a tv deal, meeting people from the industry, and winning up to $4500.

We would love to have your talent at the Fusion Doc Challenge!

To sign up for the challenge please visit:  http://theaudienceawards.com/fusiondocchallenge

IDC_Press Release 9-9-14

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